This message is to tell you all my gratitude and my appreciation about the backline Woody's provided for the Poland Spring 2015 Garou Tour. The gear was in excellent shape.

    Thank you for your devotion and your perfect attitude.
    Thanks to Robert and Maciej to be present and carefull about our demands.
    We hope to work again with you soon.


  • Lutz - Reiner Seidel MANAGER OF THOMAS ANDERS

    Four years ago, I worked for the first time with the company Woodys Backline during a presentation of my artist "THOMAS ANDERS FROM MODERN TALKING" in Polish Television, on New Year's Eve in Wroclaw. Since that time we have collaborated several times during concerts in Poland. We have recognized Woodys Backline as a very professional unit! They have a large selection of equipment, the cooperation was very friendly, we have found the staff of the company to be very helpful! Woodys Backline is working on a European level, and we can recommend the company to other customers without any doubt.

  • Luis Ribeiro PERCUSSIONIST

    I'd like to thank everybody for the great support with the instruments. I got everything I asked for and the instruments where in a very good condition. It was a pleasure to play them. It was a very nice sold out Concert, live Radio transmission and TV recording.

    All the best!


    The Poland tour was a great experience! The audience was wonderful and so was the Woodys Backline team in Poland who supported me in delivering the equipment without any delays and being helpful and responsive anytime I needed their assistance. Thank you for the great equipment, professional service and thank you Poland for the warm welcome. I will be back.


    I hereby confirm that we, the band ALPHAVILLE, since more than four years, have always been happy to work together with Woodys Backline during performances of the band in Poland.

    Since our first collaboration in Kraków / Poland during a television appearance (Wianki Festival) we have been in the fortunate situation to be taken care of in the following years in numerous performances of ALPHAVILLE in Poland by the company Woodys Backline, and we could rely on their large and modern range of equipment.
    We were always treated in a very supportive, friendly and extremely professional way - the service at the concerts was always at the highest European level.

    Because of these experiences, I can recommend Woodys Backline’s professionalism, safety and full service they provide that one can appreciate when on stage.


  • Taylor Bingley - tour manager, GOJIRA

    One of the best rented backline experiences I have had in a while. Your crew were great and the show went perfectly. I will only use Woody's in Poland from here on.


    Mr. Voodys and his backline ... yeap ... working with that group is just a pure plesure - great !!! - Large selection of all that stuffs with  superb quality !!!

    But mostly  professionalism and approche to "live" musician. I have had great plesure - great!!! - co-operating together with Voodys for a few years in the time when he belonged to Acid Drinkers technical members. Everything  was in right order - stage, instruments,timing - everything on the highest European quality!!! Thus I Offer higher confidence and relaxe to his company and his people. I do recommend this team. As the musician "live on stage" I think that you do not meet very soon such comfort at work and professionalism as is offered by Voodys Backline...so...Let's Rock !!!!!!!

  • Robert Gawliński, WILKI

    „I have been working with Maciej Woodys for many years, and I can tell he’s one of the most experienced backline specialists in Poland. When Maciej takes care of the equipment, I know I can focus on playing only. We appreciate not only his professional skills but also his friendship and openness. Maciej has immediately mixed with our bunch.”

  • Marek Jackowski, MAANAM

    „I was very glad to hear that Woodys started a business of his own – WOODYS BACKLINE. For many years he has been the stage manager of the Maanam and is definitely the best specialist in Poland. Maciej always secures, so called, “full technical safety” on stage before, during and after the concerts. He has never failed. He’s got a perfect knowledge of the equipment, knows how to tune a guitar in a professional way, he can advise on tuners and guitar effects. Woodys is a new generation world-class stage technician. He’s a good pal too.”

  • Janusz (Yanina) Iwański

    „Playing on stage is the band of musicians, but backing them is a stage crew. Their work often goes unnoticed, but without good cooperation between musicians and technicians no good sound can be made. Everyone creates the mood. Woodys knows how to do it well.”


    „I have been working with WOODYS BACKLINE for some time and I know that they have excellent equipment and can perfectly feel the needs of musicians on stage. Every inch the professionals – reliable and always ready to help. In my opinion they are the best backline crew in Poland.”

  • Tomasz (Lipa) Lipnicki, ILLUSION

    „Well, I have known Woodys… for ages, or maybe even longer :)
    He worked at almost every concert tour of the Illusion, and helped at many single concerts… and after concerts as well :D
    He is always fully engaged in what he is doing … on and off stage :D Woodys, big thanks for your professionalism and the excellent working conditions you provided for our band at the reminiscence concert in Wroclaw. I look forward to meeting you on stage again, and not just once…”

  • Wojtek Cugowski, BRACIA

    „I worked with the Woodys Backline on several occasions at concerts, and made use of their services during our recording session. The services they provide at concerts are fully professional, excellent stage service, always at hand. Their equipment is well prepared, both amps and guitars. Well, as far as guitars are concerned… it happens extremely rarely that a hired instrument plays faultlessly. In case of Woodys it is a standard as he cares about quality like nobody else. I can recommend their services without hesitation – total professionalism. Every time I am going to work with Woodys Backline I will do this with real pleasure.”

  • LOV

    „Woodys Backline crew did very well when we took part in ?New Generation” contest, so we did not hesitate to call Maciej when we needed backline for our recording session. Our conversation was concise and brief, the instruments were professional and their offer simply couldn?t be beaten. From the cymbals we picked several models of crash and ride that fitted the sound of the band. Fender Strat and acoustic Taylor enriched guitar parts. Woodys Backline is synonymous with professional and we are not surprised they took the backline rental market in Poland by storm. We look forward to working with them on and off stage :)”