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We provide professional equipment for professional musicians


Woodys Backline has been established in 2005 and is now the biggest backline and instrument rental company in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. We are dealing with the rental of top quality musical instruments and gear for music festivals, TV broadcasts, concerts, entertainment shows, video clips, recording sessions, etc.

Over the years we have been providing our services to the biggest music events in our country - dozens of festivals, including those broadcast live on TV, hundreds of concerts and shows, and innumerable big and small music performances of top Polish and foreign performers of jazz, rock, blues, pop and other music genres.




The requirements of musicians and producers have always inspired us to enlarge our collection of musical equipment. Over the years we have gathered quality instruments and backline gear of the world’s top manufacturers and brands. Our inventory comprises both vintage and the latest models of equipment and is the biggest set of the kind in this part of Europe, but beside the gear we have also gathered the priceless and unique experience coming from the specific character of work at the big live events.

This very experience and the vast catalogue of equipment allows us to work at several events at a time, and to be flexible enough to suit all kinds of musician and instrument. This is a great potential we can make use of at the biggest festivals, live TV shows, concert tours or recording studios.



At Woodys Backline every musician on stage is treated as the top rank star!

Among our clients are also the endorsers of foreign musicians, who are very happy to use our services. Every time they need to provide their endorsees with specific equipment they usually rent it from us. Due to our long term cooperation with musicians, manufacturers and local dealers of musical instruments and gear, we can fulfil the requirements of the most demanding artists.



Along with the equipment we can also provide its professional handling during concerts, at sound checks and rehearsals. Our backline technicians and stage managers are creative, efficient and approachable people, good professionals with considerable technical knowledge, long term experience, and communicative English.

Thanks to their work and devotion, our services has been praised on many occasions by both Polish and foreign artists and producers, even at the most difficult and logistically challenging large-scale events.


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